About Us

Gerline Shaw is the Manager of Jolie's Professional Organizer, LLC. With extensive background in corporate accounting, customer service, office management, staging and de-cluttering, she is the professional solution for your home or business organizing.

We began our work in 2019 with firmly established ethical standards and a strong belief in quality, honesty, hard work and integrity. Those guiding principles and our dedication to clients and staff is the drive of our success.

Philosophy: Beautiful spaces, professionally organized with you in mind. De-cluttering is our specialty!


Our Services consist of customized plan that fits your needs either in private of your home or business:


We are fully licensed and insured.


Some frequently asked questions are:

Why hire a professional organizer?

If what you have tried has not worked, a professional organizer can help you go from chaos to calm. You will then be able to work on what you want to accomplish in your life.

Will you throw my stuff out?

No, you are always in control of what happens to your stuff.  Nothing will be thrown out unless you tell us to do so. We may ask for general rules such as a certain size of clothing may be donated. 

Will our session be confidential?

Yes, we never judge or criticize your level of clutter. We do not discuss it with anyone but you.

How does your billing work?

We make an appointment for your home or business and give you a proposal for the cost of the job. We ask for a small deposit to hold the date open. The balance of the bill will be paid upon completion of the work. You can pay by cash, check, debit or credit card.



Our services include:

For homes:


• De-clutter
• Baby Proofing
• Packing and Unpacking
• Virtual De-cluttering
• Yard Sales
•  Disperse, Donate, Recycle, Discard Items

For businesses:

• Electronic & Manual Filing
• Accounting Assistant
• Office & Warehouse Organizing
• Payroll Assistance
• Downsize
• Notaries Service
• Paper Managements
• Inventory
• Documents scanning
•  Disperse, Donate, Recycle, Discard Items

We also can do the following in your home or office:

• Stage Home for Resale
• Moving & relocating preparation
• Sorting and Labeling
• Study spaces
• Estate De-cluttering
• coaching (in person or Virtual)
•  Disperse, Donate, Recycle, Discard Items